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Is FD good for Young Adults?

Fixed Deposit or FD is one of the most popular investment options in India. FDs provide guaranteed returns and a sense of security, making them a preferred choice for risk-averse investors. Young adults who are just starting their investment journey may wonder whether FDs are a good option for them. In this article, we will explore whether FDs are suitable for young adults or not.

What is Fixed Deposit?

Fixed Deposit is a type of investment in which an investor deposits a lump sum amount for a fixed period and earns a predetermined rate of interest. FDs are offered by banks, post offices, and other financial institutions. The period of deposit ranges from 7 days to 10 years, and the interest rate offered depends on the tenure of the deposit.

Advantages of Fixed Deposit

The primary advantage of FD is the guaranteed returns it provides. Unlike other investment options, FDs are not affected by market fluctuations, making them a safer investment option. Additionally, FDs offer a higher rate of interest than savings accounts, making them a more lucrative option for parking idle funds. FDs are also easy to understand and do not require any prior knowledge of the stock market or investment concepts.

Disadvantages of Fixed Deposit

While FDs offer a sense of security, they may not be the best option for young adults looking to build wealth over the long term. The interest rates offered on FDs are often lower than the inflation rate, which means the returns earned may not be enough to beat inflation. Additionally, FDs do not provide any tax benefits, making them a less attractive option for those looking to save on taxes.

Why FD may not be the best option for young adults?

Young adults who are just starting their investment journey have a longer investment horizon, which means they can take on higher risk for potentially higher returns. Investing in equity or mutual funds, which are subject to market fluctuations, can offer higher returns than FDs over the long term. Additionally, equity investments provide tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Moreover, young adults may have different financial goals, such as buying a house, getting married, or starting a business, which may require a significant amount of money. Investing in FDs may not be the best option to meet these goals, as the returns earned may not be sufficient to meet the target amount.

When can FD be a good option for young adults?

While FDs may not be the best option for young adults looking to build wealth over the long term, they can be a suitable option for those who want to park their idle funds for a short period. For instance, if a young adult has saved up for a down payment on a house, but the purchase is not due for the next few months, they can consider investing the money in an FD for a short period to earn a higher rate of interest than a savings account.

FDs can also be a good option for young adults who want to diversify their investment portfolio. By investing a small portion of their funds in FDs, they can ensure a stable source of returns, even in a volatile market.


In conclusion, FDs can be a good option for young adults under certain circumstances. If a young adult has short-term financial goals or wants to diversify their portfolio, investing in FDs can be a suitable option. However, for long-term wealth creation, young adults should consider equity or mutual fund investments, which can provide higher returns over the long term. Before investing, young adults should understand their financial goals and risk tolerance to choose the investment option that best suits their needs.


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